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Two quick points on this before I move on. First, that’s absolutely a gut-punch for the Celtics. They lose a core piece of their rotation and a very valuable asset for nothing*. (More on that asterisk later) Second, I don’t know if you can blame this on Danny Ainge. If some random team was going to be willing to give Hayward that much money, he’s right to take that money and Danny is right to wish him happy trails. Maybe we all should have seen this coming based on the “it only takes one” rule.

The NBA returns to regular-season action on Dec. 22 following an abbreviated offseason — one that saw the draft and the start of free agency compressed into the same week — with some uncertainty.Minnesota Timberwolves Face Masks

Coaches must wear business attire, such as dress shirts, polo shirts, pants, socks and shoes, sources told ESPN. The NBA will also disallow sweatpants and jogging pants, sources said.Boston Celtics Face Masks

« For a rivalry to last 70 years, everything needs to be perfect. The Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers have that. Location, pride, superstars, surprises, game games, and of course violence, have all been apart of the two teams’ history. From the era of Bill Russell against Wilt Chamberlain to Larry Bird facing Julius Erving, and now two young Celtics and Sixers teams filled with potential stars which are both emerging to be powerhouses for a long time, the rivarly has stayed strong.Los Angeles Clippers Face Masks

So stay tuned for more rollercoaster rides today and in the coming days. This shortened offseason has been a wild ride already but it feels like there’s more drama left to play out. »

The Rockets and the Sixers have had no substantive talks about a potential Harden deal, sources said. New Philadelphia president of basketball operations Daryl Morey, the Rockets’ general manager for the previous 13 seasons, has said he has no intention to break up the Sixers’ All-Star duo of center Joel Embiid and guard/forward Ben Simmons.

Some of the areas the Charlotte Hornets needed to address with the draft.
While the Hornets guard play last season was dynamic with Terry Rozier and DeVonte’ Graham, they are undersized with both players standing only 6’1″. The Toronto Raptors have a similar-sized backcourt but both their players play above their size, the Hornets pair do not.New York Knicks Face Masks

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C'est l'heure de la pause? Comme c'est beneze avec le Blog beunaise! Mais qui c'est qu'il a mis du beunaise dans mon beneze nom d'un triple beun'aise!

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